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Paperless Office in Denver

Why are more and more companies switching over to a paperless office? 95% of Denver businesses actually still use paper files. However, digital documents are a lot easier to manage and provide higher security measures. This includes the ability to lock down version control, access, and more.

Go paperless at your Denver office

Does your office want to optimize document flow through your departments and increase productivity? Denver Scanning & Imaging can eliminate the need to have documents and company information laying on desks or filed away in cabinets.

Most businesses hire a professional document scanning service like Denver Scanning & Imaging to convert all their hard-copy paper records into electronic versions. 
We can even convert text via optical character recognition (OCR) software to allow you to edit the documents or redact private information to protect your customers.

Here’s How Going Paperless Can Help Your Denver Business

Use this checklist before you encounter the pitfalls associated with converting to a paperless office. It’s our goal to help you make a well-informed decision.

Digital Documents are Easier to Use

Does it take you forever to find a file in your current document management system? Use indexing to make finding digital documents easy. You can find what you need with a quick keyword search and distribute documents with one click!

Hiring a Document Scanning Service Might Not be an Effective Solution for your Business

There are lots of steps involved in a document scanning & conversion project- it’s critical to ensure the system you’re migrating to is as functional as your current system. You need to be up-to-date on all the different items that you can add on to a conversion project to make life easier- here’s just a few:

  • Offsite document storage for inactive files
  • Upgrades to existing computers in your network
  • Ongoing costs for scanning active files and new hard-copy documents you create
  • Other items needed to make the system functional and optimal
  • Although most or all of these items aren’t required, each one offers functionality that can help you manage your documents better. It’s also important to have a good idea of how many documents you want to convert- the more documents you have, the more your project will cost.

Lost Productivity is Probably Abundant in your Current Document Management System (DMS)

Be more productive with a paperless office in Denver

Ineffective filing and storage wastes employee man hours. Every minute it takes to retrieve, copy and re-file a document adds up to hours upon hours of lost productivity. A paperless office eliminates this frustrating process and gives you the ability to find documents quickly and easily.

Are Your Hard-Copy Documents Secure?

Data breaches due to low-tech hacks happen a lot more frequently than you might think. A digital document management system and digital documents are encrypted, and you can even select who has access to which document, eliminating the need to protect your files with locked doors and filing cabinets. Don’t let a corporate spy or identity thief get a hold of your confidential information. 

Let Us Help You Go Paperless in Denver!

If you think you have a handle on all the items we mentioned above, you’re ready to go paperless! The cost of document scanning is minimal to the time and space you’ll save your business year over year. If you have questions, or want more information, give us a call at (303) 962-5582 or fill out the form to the left. Let Denver Scanning & Imaging help your business make the transition today!

Ready to Make the Change to a Paperless Office? Denver Scanning & Records Can Help!

Let a professional, secure scanning company take the hassle out of going paperless. We can index, scan, and do all required post production work quickly and efficiently to get your paperless office up and running as fast as possible. If you’re interested in converting your documents and records to digital format, let our experts in Denver know. Fill out the form to the left, or give us a call at (303) 962-5582.

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